MesChain Private Key

  • Launch Appreciation Rewards
  • 100% Annual interest rate for the second token
  • 30 Days Minimum Stake Time
  • 20% Penalization
  • Minimum Stake 450.000 MES Token

We laid the foundation of our work 6 months ago. And in this process, we invested in quality projects such as Defiyield, İla, HON, Altava, Paxworld, Dappia, Bagner.

Don’t miss out on our limited edition NFT keys so you can take advantage of this pool.

MesChain Stake

STAKE PLATFORM: Meschain intends to award stake rewards in the form of high-yielding tokens.This is accomplished by investing in worthwhile projects through the capital businesses with which they originally entered into a deal in lieu of MES tokens.

How this works?

The interest payment comes from the wallet of the contract creator. If you want to create a Stake contract, you need to provide funds to pay interest to token holders of the contract, X tokens (optional) and tokens Y to pay interest.
Annual interest rate for both tokens, calculated per second: Calculated every second
Maturity time: Defined in days after the stake is started.
Minimum deposit: Stakes can be created for an amount equal or greater than this lower limit.

NFT Marketplaces

You can log in to our Meschain rt NFT market and upload your rare works easily and create nft. Or you can convert a very good image to NFT by taking a picture instantly.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be said to be a relatively new development addresses lots of ‘objects’ ranging from works of art, to tickets that offer special admittance and so on.
Meschain has continued to set a new pace by providing services, digitised products of brands in the field of supply chain in the field of blockchain with the NFT market.
Progressive brands can go on to move their brands to the blockchain by utilising their NFT market. This is definitely mind-blowing; a walk into the future!


Find cheap shopping opportunities according to your needs by connecting to our e-commerce site
Meschain provides solutions to its clients both during and after the production process. The e-commerce platform was developed with this in mind. Suppliers and buyers will be brought together by the platform.
After forming collaborations with progressive big partners (especially AliExpress), the local sales store is expected to expand globally. Meschain aspires to connect consumers and users together, particularly in the crypto sector.