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Who We Are?

MesChain (MES) is provided by a Company called Genesis Crypto Technology. We are a tech-advanced company committed to reforming the world with digital currency and technology in general.
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MES Features

How an enterprise leverages technology to manage and optimize the processes occurring at the shop floor level is critical to reap the full benefits and value offered by the Industry 4.0 concept. Digital Manufacturing requires a well-defined methodology for managing manufacturing operations and data coming off the plant floor. With the cost of raw materials on the rise, a highly competitive global market and increasing regulatory compliance concerns, companies that want to succeed need to cut waste, increase quality and monitor production processes while still increasing throughput.

Improve the quality of your business

Activate manufacturing facilities, Gather manufacturing information, Monitor manufacturing capacity, Monitor and control quality parameters.

Increase Your Production Power

Provide the personnel and equipment necessary to initiate the manufacturing process. Ensure communication between personnel and equipment in manufacturing

Store All Information In One Place

Establish connections between manufacture and suppliers, consumers, engineering department, sales department, and management


Although MES systems are based on algorithms, in most cases they are often much more complex than APS algorithms according to intuitive scanning. Above all, MES algorithm finds the necessary solution taking into account all constraints and selected criteria. Next, a suitable program is looked after during the optimization phase.

Allocation And Control Of Resources

Creation of a manufacturing model, central storage, raw materials, semi-finished products, end products, packaging, addresses of suppliers, quality standards, fast and appropriate data retrieval according to regulatory specifications, and so on

Delivery Of Manufacturing Processes

Management of manufacturing orders, management of raw materials and semi-finished products, monitoring the execution of the plan, monitoring the remains

Data Collection, Quality Management

Data collection from automated process control systems, quality control and reliability of data, collection and archiving, long-term storage, management of laboratory data

Human Resource Management

Employee management

Performance Analysis

Statistical and mathematical analysis, monitoring process performance, calculation of TEC, calculation of operation time and equipment downtime, generation of reports

Controls Of Documents

Electronic document circulation

Our Team Members

Our experienced team is at your service at any time.

Mustafa Helvaci

Chief Executive Officer

Okan Baştürk

Chief Operations Officer

Othman Ali kidman AlShehri


Aramco Advisor for 28 years Kidman Trading Services Est. CEO 22 years

Murat Özüpek

Chief Technology Officer

Emre Kahraman

Marketing Advisor

Advisor Team

Deniz Başaran

Social Manager

Mofassair Hossain


Advisor – Bangladesh

Serkan Genç

Bussines Advisor

Luqman Abdullahi

African Community Manager

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